Just In: Maileg Bambi Deer Doll

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She's baaack! Maileg got their shipment in early and sent her our way. So, for all of you out there who have been eagerly awaiting her arrival, the wait is over. Thank you for being so patient.

We have 6 left out of the 50 we got in our order. If you didn't have one reserved for you and you'd like to get one, you can find her here.


Only 8 Weeks Old and Already Making An Impact!

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We recently got this photo of a very cute little customer with one of our Milestone Baby Cards and we absolutely LOVED it. The more we thought about it, we figured out why it was having such an impact.

You see, Smitten is our labor of love. We toil away here sending each package out into the world with the hope that you all will love what's inside as much as we do. When we get actual photographic proof that one of our products made a little person (or their parent) happy, it makes it all seem worthwhile.

So, thanks to the sweet little lady to the left, we've decided to start a family album of sorts here on our blog and on our Facebook page. It will consist entirely of you - our happy customers - and will be our own online bulletin board of the cute, the silly, the rambunctious, and the sometimes downright slobbery mess that is the joy of childhood.

If you have a photo of your child with a product from Smitten that you'd like to share, please email it to us at We'd love to add you in!

Please note: if you choose to send a photo, we will protect your privacy and not share any identifying information with the photograph.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Theme: Under the Big Top

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Have you noticed all the adorable circus themed kid's stuff lately?  

I don't mean weird, scary clowns either - I'm talking beautiful items that are colorful, amazingly sweet, and intricately detailed with hints of vintage circus nostalgia.  Lucky for you, we've amassed quite a collection of it here at Smitten.  

Here's a quick round-up of some of my favorites, all of which will quicken your wee one's imagination and liven up their (and, let's face it, your) living space. 

1. Tiny Train Pillow $68 | 2. Circus Shadow Puppets $21 | 3. Stilt Clown $24, Circus Manager Mouse $24, Circus Elephant $20, Strongman Mouse $20, Circus Lion $18, Podium $18 | 4. Circus Paper Lantern $30 | 5. Circus Story Express $80 | 6. Elmer the Elephant Pull Toy $25

New York Brings New Things!

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Hello friends! How have you been doing? The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me (to say the least).  Smitten is now up and running, we have sold our house, and my oldest son started Pre-K. Whew! Somehow, in the midst of it all, I thought it would be a great idea to travel to New York to check out the goodies at the New York International Gift Fair.  

I'm far from a seasoned professional when it comes to trade fairs, but I knew that this one showcased some of the best products available, including children's toys and decor!  So, I booked my flight and spent what amounted to roughly 24 glorious hours entrenched in the city and the products at the NYIGF. 

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites, and what you can expect to see on our shelves soon . . . 

Little Huset

Little Huset

Little Huset bills itself as the classic doll house for the modern kid.  It is a modular doll house with a simple design that makes it a breeze to put together, play with, and then take apart and store when the day is done (wahoo!).  Plus, its entirely made here in the good 'ole USA.  

These little houses provide a blank canvas for your child's imagination, and encourage them to design and create.  The houses are meant to have your child's masterpiece hanging on the wall, literally.  There are tons of DIY ideas and projects available, like making colorful shingles, curtains, bunting, or flowers for the window box of your house. As soon as we get our shipment in, we will feature some of the projects here, so check back soon! 

Oh, and another great thing about Little Huset's houses is that they are made to go along with the toys you already have, so break out those Lego men and Little People; they're movin' up in the world!   


Maileg Winter 2012

Ahh, Maileg . . . its one of my favorites, and they have some beautiful new products for the winter.  They've made new accessories to go along with their very popular mice, some new friends for the fantastic fox, and some beautiful holiday decorations as well. All of their pieces are wonderfully made and so full of life.

Maileg ChristmasMaileg Bambi


Twoolies Lion

Twoolies are unique, handmade wool animals designed by architect Sindy Posso and Mayan artists. They are an amazing combination of modern and ancestral native Mayan design. Each animal is made entirely by hand by weavers in the highlands of South Mexico using 100% natural wool knitted on manual looms. Every piece features a unique combination of colors, textures, and patterns, so each is truly one of a kind.

Twoolies NYIGF

Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose Blocks

Uncle Goose hand manufactures classic wooden alphabet blocks.  Some might say they are crazy to be doing such a thing in this high tech fast-paced world, but I love them for fighting to hold on to the simple beauty of what is perhaps the most iconic childhood toy there is. They make all their blocks right here in the USA, and feature beautiful traditional alphabet blocks, as well as foreign language and specialty blocks. 

We expect to get our orders in from all of these vendors in October, so check back with us soon for the best selection!  

Thanks to all of you who have placed orders. Our first month in business has been a great success.

All My Best,


A big hello, and a little about me

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Welcome to my first ever blog post. I am so happy you are here! To be honest, I'm a little nervous about this whole blog thing.  Baring small parts of my heart and soul to the entire free world is a little daunting, but I figured I have a lot to share, so why not take a step off the ledge and see what happens.  There will either be something solid under foot, or I will learn to fly (quickly).

Before we set off on this trip together, it seems reasonable for me to let you know how I see this whole blog thing working.  I plan on this space being used to share ideas, to gather thoughts, to provide sneak peeks of new products and finds when I'm too excited and about to burst, and to share fun activities that you can do with your child. Above all, I hope that this becomes a great forum for us all to connect, to share, and to collaborate together. 

Now that that little piece of housekeeping is done, I figured I would use this first post to tell you a little bit more about me and Smitten, and why I chose to embark on this journey. You are here, so hopefully you are interested in knowing!

My name is Kerrie. I desperately wanted to be Wonder Woman as a child.  Instead, I became a commercial litigator.  I practiced for four years before the birth of my first child. He was this incredibly cute magnetic little thing, and I was hooked. I was a Mom.

Even before he arrived, I had become one of a growing number of parents who were more aware than ever about what their child was being exposed to.  The country was in the midst of what seemed to be rolling recalls from various toy manufacturers due to poor manufacturing practices, and I stumbled upon a story concerning the potential impact of various environmental toxins on children. Until that time, I had never given much thought to the fact that I could impact my child’s health with the products I surrounded him with.  Luckily, my legal background made me a skilled researcher (thankfully, all those student loans paid off!) and so, I began to dig. What I found was concerning, to say the least, and instilled in me the desire to seek out safe, quality products for my kids.

I soon realized that my definition of childhood did not include include a sea of disposable products or a steady stream of ever-changing activity.  Childhood was a time of pure magic for me, and I wanted the same for my child.  All the flashing lights, noxious colors and electronic moans and groans from the majority of children's products did little to peak my interest.  Instead, they raised my anxiety, and I did not want to do the same to my child.  

I wanted him to be surrounded by products that would enlighten his mind and allow his imagination to flourish.  I wanted him to play with a toy because he truly enjoyed it, not because it had been marketed to him.  Moreover, in this world of instant gratification, I felt it was imperative that he discover from an early age that it takes more than a push of a button to accomplish something.  We live in a large metropolitan area, but finding products that were well-made and to this standard proved difficult.  

Moreover, during my first few years of parenting, I discovered that the most meaningful moments were often borne out of peaceful simple times spent together. I quickly found that a schedule laden with playdates and activities rarely provided a memorable moment.  It seemed that the magic of childhood was getting lost in the hussle and bussle of our ever-quickening world.  People were speeding by so quickly and filling their days so full that they were missing the poignant moments all around them.  It occurred to me that the continual onslaught of informational e-mails and flyers devoted to “things to do” with the kids was nothing but a desperate search to connect. With this epiphany, the metamorphosis of the idea behind Smitten was complete.  

I am declaring war on our ridiculously fast paced, over-stretched, 24/7 world and am leading a quiet revolution to make childhood simple again.  It is my ardent hope that the ideas and products offered at Smitten will allow you and the child in your life to quiet the chaos of modern day living and relax into a space where the wonders of childhood can flourish again, where kids can be kids, where people can interact, and where you can revel in the pleasure of simply spending time together.  

. . . maybe I can still be Wonder Woman after all.