Anne-Claire Petit Crocheted Organic Cotton Airplane - Perfectly Smitten

Anne-Claire Petit Crocheted Airplane

  • This crocheted airplane has been lovingly handmade and would make a wonderful addition to any nursery.  It is substantial in size for little hands to hold and comes outfitted with a bell inside that jingles carefully when shaken.    

    A perfect example of Anne-Claire Petit's work.  The authenticity, attention to detail, and quality of craftsmanship make each piece unique and unforgettable.   

    Approximately 13" x 5 1/2" x 4". 
  • Hand crocheted from 100% organic cotton.  

    May be washed on a gentle cycle in cold water and air dried. 

  • Anne-Claire Petit studied industrial design and began her career as a designer for Espirit. After four years at the international label, she began her own label under the name anne-claire petit accessories. She first became known for her successful shawl collection and then switched her focus to an extensive children and accessories line, with everything done in a colorful handiwork.

    Every Anne-Claire Petit accessory is hand made according to traditional handiwork techniques, using recognizable color schemes and natural materials, which lends to each and every piece being unique. The brand has an optimistic view of the world and this translates into all aspects of the line, from design to production. Each product is cheerful, colorful and made with love, and brings about a positively happy reaction.

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