Egmont Toys White Rabbit Night Light


  • Create a magical space for your wee one with our white rabbit night light.

    Often seen in magazines and dubbed "the coolest night light on the block" by New York Magazine, this adorable little rabbit has become a true classic in the world of children's decor.

    Not only is this lamp incredibly cute in daylight, but it's soft glowing body helps to create a cozy, comfortable surrounding for little (or big) ones at night.

    Approx. 10" tall.

  • Handmade in Germany out of heat resistant resin with the same molds used to product these lamps since the '60's.

    Sold with a 12V US plug adapter.

     This product meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the BSI (European Safety Standards).



  • Heico/Egmont Toys has been making their novelty lamps for years. This family-run business is known for their high standards and the attention to detail they give each one of their fairy tale-like lamps. Each lamp is hand molded out of resin (high quality heat resistant plastic), leaving them with no seam marks, and then hand-painted, so no two lamps are exactly alike. 

    The lamps produced have a wonderful vintage feel and impart a touch of originality to any room of the house.