Mon Petit Art La Maison Creative Dollhouse

  • La Maison (that's French for house) allows kids to create their own unique layouts and room arrangements for their toys' home sweet home.

    Set consists of a four sided house that opens in the front and four additional walls, which can hook onto the main house in a variety of ways, along with decorative accessories, so children can make their own inspired spaces for play. House reverses and features interior space and garden.

    Open house is approximately 40" x 10"

    Our version features illustrations inspired by real and imagined life by Nathalie Lete. 

  • Made of cardboard. No glue required.

    Made in Europe.

    Best for children 6 years old and up.


    Mon Petit Art brings together designers and illustrators to create objects with a uniquely fun, amusing style. They take great care to infuse quality into every one of their products and ensure that all of their items are produced responsibly in the European Union. A small, creative design firm, Mon Petit Art offers products that encourage children to imagine amazing things. 


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