OMY Design & Play Large Paper Costume - Panther - Perfectly Smitten

Large Paper Costume - Panther

  • Nothing is more simple or fun than this paper costume. It's vibrant, lively, and encourages kids to be creative in their play.  Perfect for summer days, rainy days, or any day where a little imagination and creativity are in order.    

    Available in two designs: lion - printed in bright coral and dark purple - and panther - printed in blue marine and black.   

    These costumes have my list of favorites because they're fun, affordable, and wildly popular with every kid who sees them.  Heck, if they made one in my size, I'd want to slide it on and play all the time too!

    Approx. 15" x 31"

    By OMY Design & Play 

  • Recommended for children 3 years of age and up.

    Made of thick fireproof recycled paper and printed with non-toxic ink.

    Made in France.

     This product meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the BSI (European Safety Standards).


    OMY Design & Play is a young French brand that designs playful products for kids.  Their designs invite kids to imagine, to become a part of the artwork, and to experiment and create with their giant coloring pages and unique paper costumes.  

    Their fun and colorful graphics become a part of your home, a piece of art hung on the wall, a reminder of your child a their amazing imagination.  Bright colors, quirky drawings, and charming characters form the essence of the collection and bring their own distinctive joy to any room of the house.  

    OMY Design & Play is an environmentally conscientious company and chooses its papers and inks with the environment in mind.

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