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Lille Birthday Party House Set

  • Lille Birthday Party is the perfect party activity and favor all in one.  The set includes four invitations; four mini modular houses, each with its own box for guests to take home as a favor when the party is done; and decorating papers. 

    As with all of Lille Huset houses, each house is made to be incorporated with the toys you already have; and is easy to assemble, play with, and then put away once the day is done.  

    The face of each house is made from wood and the surfaces of the walls are made with recycled paperboard, so children can design, draw, and decorate to their heart's content.  

    Please note: all houses in the set have peaked roofs.

    You can find party ideas, inspiration, and activities for Lille Huset houses here.

    Each house is 7" x 7" x 4"       

    By Lille Huset. 
  • Recommended for children 4 years of age and up.

    Made in the USA.

  • Lille Huset is inspired by a little house in Logan Square, a little neighborhood in a big city.  This little house was built by a Norwegian family who came to the neighborhood to start a new life, and they loved and cared for their little house very much.  Now, a modern family lives in the house who loves and cares for it just as much as the first family who lived there.

    Lille Huset ("little house" in Norwegian) creates little houses for little hands, so children can pour their love into a house of their own, just like that little Norwegian family long ago.  All houses come as blank slates for your child's imagination, are excellent creative outlets, and teach valuable life lessons by encouraging kids to come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate to bring their ideas to life.

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