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  • Kokeshi dolls are traditional Japanese figures characterized by a large head and simple body.'s modern take on the doll transforms them into small designer objects inspired by icons in the art and design world. Each is hand-painted and uniquely its own.

    Approximately 5.7" tall

  • Handpainted Schima Superba wood. Made in the UK. 

  • logo is a whimsical world of character design and pattern exploration for children and big kids alike.

    Started in 2011, creations now reside in more than 30 countries around the world.

    Every creation begins life on the pages of a sketchbook. Their creator, Becky Kemp, has long been inspired by a love for Nordic design and Japanese Illustration.  Sketching and painting since she was a child, Becky carries a sketchbook in her pocket 24/7 and has an uncanny talent for communicating with precision while still maintaining a fun and creative impression.