Fanny & Alexander Wooden Zoom Toy Camera - Perfectly Smitten

Wooden Zoom Toy Camera

  • This beautifully crafted wooden zoom toy camera featured a viewfinder, leather grip, carrying strap and zoom feature.

    Each camera is handsomely made by local artisans in Argentina out of Guatambu and Incense wood.

    Equally at home in the toy box or displayed on a shelf, kids of all ages yearn to pick it up and shoot. Thanks to its simple, enduring design and great play value, its destined to become a heirloom.

    Approx. 5" x 3"

    By Fanny & Alexander. 

    3 colors to choose from.

  • Not intended for children under 3 years of age.

    Made in Argentina.


    Fanny & Alexander is committed to enriching the lives of children with toys that are beautiful, simple and enduring. The wooden toys produced are handsomely constructed, full of play value, and void of any glaring corporate agenda.  Simply put, they are all about fun, creative play.

    Each product is crafted by local artisans in Argentina from sustainable sources and is steeped in the wonderful nostalgic notion of childhood. As a result, a toy from Fanny & Alexander tends to become a keepsake -- it is a toy that resonates with the child within all of us and encourages people aged 5-105 to stop and play, if only for a bit.

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