A Little About Us

At Perfectly Smitten, we believe that an appreciation for good design and quality can live harmoniously with the kids (and their stuff) in your life, and feature items that blend the richness of tradition with modern design. 

Inspired by our own children, we seek out products that are whimsical, that are thoughtfully made, and that encourage children to discover the world around them or to imagine a world entirely their own.

We have a passion for quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design, products made by hand using natural materials, and manufacturing with a conscious, so you will find our shelves stocked with beautiful wooden toys, organic cotton soft toys, and handmade baby blankets and bibs.

It is our hope that the products offered will help quiet the chaos of daily modern living and allow you to relax into a space where the wonders of childhood can flourish, where kids can be kids, and where families can interact on a meaningful level and revel in the simple pleasures of childhood together.


What We Love 

We  Sunday morning brunch. We  the quiet rhythmic breathing of slumbering little ones. We  clean lines, natural materials, and the feel of a product made by hand. We  taking a walk on warm wooden docks.  We  the quiet clanging of sailboat rigging on a mast.  We  moms.  We  the power of play.  We  seeing the twinkle in a child's eye the first time they see something that truly amazes them. We  rolling waves.  We  walks with the dog.  We  the warmth of family at the holidays.  We  the crazy things that little kids say, even when it's entirely embarrassing that they said it.  We  big dreams and strong convictions.  But, most of all, we simply  what we do.

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