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The Honor Society Merit Badges

  • Mastering the art of life is no small feat. Encourage your little citizens of the world to do good, be good, and live good with these awesome merit badges. 

    They're a modern take on a vintage idea that can go just about anywhere. Iron them on to backpacks, jackets, your own funky sash, or display them in a shadow box in your little's room.

    Whether the deed was big and celebrated or small and unsung, let them know they were your own personal hero and that certain characteristics are still worth fighting for.

    Approximately 3" x 3" 

    Choose from 7 different styles. Purchase a full set and receive the Honor Society patch for free.

    **Are you only getting badges and a fan of free shipping? Enter code BADGES at checkout.** 

  • Designed in the USA.

    Embroidered cotton patch with heat-reactive glue backing.


    The Honor Society was born out of the desire to celebrate the simple things in life -- a small gesture, the thrill of a whirring imagination, or the undeniable twinkle in a child's eye that accompanies a new accomplishment.

    Their inaugural product, a set of merit badges for the modern kid, offers a modern twist on a vintage idea and is a great way to not only recognize, but reinforce kids making good decisions and exhibiting good character. 

    So, here's to the little victories in life; they make the ordinary feel extraordinary and often turn out to mean the most in the end.