Ingela Arrhenius Animals Nesting Dolls


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  • This beautiful set of nesting dolls designed by Swedish illustrator Ingela Arrhenius is as much for the kids as it is for the design lover.   

    Set includes: monkey, lion, owl, tiger, seal, and penguin. Animals range in size from approximately 4¾" to 1¼".

    Please note: due to its size, the smallest animal needs to be temporarily stored away from children under the age of 3.

  • Made of moulded plastic, making them more durable and easier to take apart and put back together than wooden nesting dolls.

  • Made by Ingela Arrhenius for OMM Design, a Swedish based design firm that produces a unique range of items. OMM Design features the work of a number of talented illustrators, including Ingela P. Arrhenius whose love for art from the '50's and '60's shines through in her fun, retro illustrated plates, posters, nesting dolls, and more.