Rabbit Paper Lantern


  • We absolutely adore this whimsical paper lantern from Mimi'Lou.  Hung alone or in a group, it makes any space lively and fun. 

    The lantern can be outfitted with a paper lantern cord set and illuminated, or can be hung simply as decoration for a child's room, a party, or any other place you imagine it to be.  

    Please note: the lantern is sold without a paper lantern cord set.  A cord set may be purchased at local hardware stores if you would like to illuminate the lantern.

    Approximately 15 ¾" in diameter.

    By Mimi'Lou. 

  • Made in France.  

    Lantern is shipped flat and includes a wire expander for hanging.

  • Miriam Derville began her career as an art director in Paris for the likes of Givenchy, Lacoste, and Guerlain.  

    To share her love of drawing with her children, she started outlining their stuffed animals on the walls of their bedrooms.  They loved it and, as it turns out, so did their friends.  Soon, Miriam was being asked to create her drawings on the walls of other little ones as well.  Miriam discovered a way to turn her drawings into decals which, once applied, look just like hand-drawn murals, and Mimi'Lou was born.  

    Today, Mimi'Lou has expanded to include textiles, stationary, and lamps.  Mimi'Lou is inspired by the innocence of children and aims to add a little whimsy to their poetic and enchanting world.