Designer Spotlight: A is for Anne Claire Petit

Designer Spotlight: A is for Anne Claire Petit

If you're looking for joy, look no further than the items made by Anne-Claire Petit. She's a Netherlands-based designer who got her start designing at Esprit (the '90's teenager in me still has a definite soft spot in my heart for Esprit).  Her style is infused with her love of traditional craftsmanship and handicrafts such as weaving and crochet, which forms the base of her line of organic cotton baby toys, colorful stuffed toys, fun accessories and unique home decor items.

Each item produced falls in line with a recognizable color scheme, which makes her products instantly recognizable.  Anne-Claire recognizes the power of color and has become a master at using different tones and patterns to invoke emotion and make her products seem to radiate with "feel good" vibes.  

All of her crocheted baby toys, stuffed toys and kids' room decor items are 100% handmade, with the majority of the handiwork being done by women living in the countryside of Northern China. These master craftswomen are paid a fair wage and work at home, often with their neighbors, on a flexible schedule, so when children come home from school or fields need to be harvested their crochet work is put aside.

When you pick up an Anne-Claire Petit item, its difficult to not feel the love and devotion poured into the object. Each item is made to be cherished and loved and then passed on to a new generation to do the same.

To view our collection of Anne-Claire Petit toys and home accessories, click here.

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