A big hello, and a little about me

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A big hello, and a little about me

Welcome to my first ever blog post. I am so happy you are here! To be honest, I'm a little nervous about this whole blog thing.  Baring small parts of my heart and soul to the entire free world is a little daunting, but I figured I have a lot to share, so why not take a step off the ledge and see what happens.  There will either be something solid under foot, or I will learn to fly (quickly).

Before we set off on this trip together, it seems reasonable for me to let you know how I see this whole blog thing working.  I plan on this space being used to share ideas, to gather thoughts, to provide sneak peeks of new products and finds when I'm too excited and about to burst, and to share tips and fun activities that you can do with your child. Above all, I hope that this becomes a great forum for us all to connect, to share, and to collaborate together. 

Now that that little piece of housekeeping is done, I figured I would use this first post to tell you a little bit more about me and Smitten, and why I chose to embark on this journey. You are here, so hopefully you are interested in knowing!

My name is Kerrie. I desperately wanted to be Wonder Woman as a child.  Instead, I became a commercial litigator.  I practiced for four years before the birth of my first child. He was this incredibly cute magnetic little thing, and I was hooked. I was a Mom.

Even before he arrived, I had become one of a growing number of parents who were more aware than ever about what their child was being exposed to.  The country was in the midst of what seemed to be rolling recalls from various toy manufacturers due to poor manufacturing practices, and I stumbled upon a story concerning the potential impact of various environmental toxins on children. Until that time, I had never given much thought to the fact that I could impact my child’s health with the products I surrounded him with.  Luckily, my legal background made me a skilled researcher (thankfully, all those student loans paid off!) and so, I began to dig. What I found was concerning, to say the least, and instilled in me the desire to seek out safe, quality products for my kids.

I soon realized that my definition of childhood did not include include a sea of disposable products or a steady stream of ever-changing activity.  Childhood was a time of pure magic for me, and I wanted the same for my child.  All the flashing lights, noxious colors and electronic moans and groans from the majority of children's products did little to peak my interest.  Instead, they raised my anxiety, and I did not want to do the same to my child.  

I wanted him to be surrounded by products that would enlighten his mind and allow his imagination to flourish.  I wanted him to play with a toy because he truly enjoyed it, not because it had been marketed to him.  Moreover, in this world of instant gratification, I felt it was imperative that he discover from an early age that it takes more than a push of a button to accomplish something.  We live in a large metropolitan area, but finding products that were well-made and to this standard proved difficult.  

Moreover, during my first few years of parenting, I discovered that the most meaningful moments were often borne out of peaceful simple times spent together. I quickly found that a schedule laden with playdates and activities rarely provided a memorable moment.  It seemed that the magic of childhood was getting lost in the hussle and bussle of our ever-quickening world.  People were speeding by so quickly and filling their days so full that they were missing the poignant moments all around them.  It occurred to me that the continual onslaught of informational e-mails and flyers devoted to “things to do” with the kids was nothing but a desperate search to connect. With this epiphany, the metamorphosis of the idea behind Smitten was complete.  

I am declaring war on our ridiculously fast paced, over-stretched, 24/7 world and am leading a quiet revolution to make childhood simple again.  It is my ardent hope that the ideas and products offered at Smitten will allow you and the child in your life to quiet the chaos of modern day living and relax into a space where the wonders of childhood can flourish again, where kids can be kids, where people can interact, and where you can revel in the pleasure of simply spending time together.  

. . . maybe I can still be Wonder Woman after all. 

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Ana Alicia
Ana Alicia

October 21, 2013

Dear Wonder Woman,

You are very inspirational! I like your quiet revolution to simplify childhood. Your products aim at connecting parents and their children with simple pleasures. You are changing the world with your products, one pleasurable family moment at a time.

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