Rock & Pebble Modern Pebbles


  • These modern little wooden dolls have the absolute best wardrobe.

    Clothes are made from an adhesive paper and are re-usable, so kids can enjoy endless hours of dress up fun. 

    Dolls get along swimmingly with our Dollhouse Book or La Maison.

    Set includes 5 solid maple wood dolls that are approximately 2.1 in. tall and 36 bold and chic paper clothes in playful patterns.

  • Dolls made of solid maple wood in the US, screen printed cotton storage bag made in Poland, adhesive paper sourced from Germany and then printed in the UK.

    Paper clothes can be be kept on a clean surface (smooth paper works great) and can be re-used. 

    Not intended to be used by children under the age of 4. 

  • Rock & Pebble Logo  

    Rock and Pebble is a company focused on creating natural, non-toxic, sustainable toys and paper products with an imaginative, playful soul.

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