The Honor Society Decorative Patches


  • Flair anyone? These ridiculously cool iron-on decorative patches are a great way to customize your denim jacket or backpack and look great when paired with the Honor Society's merit badges. 

    2 sets to choose from. Sizes are approximate due to handmade nature of the item.


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  • Designed in the USA.

    Embroidered cotton patch with heat-reactive glue backing.


    The Honor Society is a firm believer in the idea that: if you want to change the world, you have to start in childhood. It's in that vein that their merit badges were created and it's their hope that with them, kids are encouraged to do good, to be good, and to live good.

    Ultimately, the Honor Society hopes that their badges encourage you to notice and dare we say downright relish the simple, glorious things in life -- a kind gesture, the thrill of a child's whirring imagination solving a problem, or the undeniable surge of excitement when a child sprouts his proverbial wings and tackles a new situation with grace and fortitude. It is these things, after all, that end up making the ordinary feel extraordinary and often turn out to matter the most in the end. 



Set A - Van, Peace, Tent
Set B - Heart, Feathers, Succulent

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