OMY Design & Play Magic Stickers


  • 100 clever reusable stickers that can be stuck and unstuck just about anywhere without leaving a trace. Just stick them on any flat, dry surface - walls, tabletops, furniture, windows, paper - and let kids assemble, play & decorate.

    3 designs to choose from.

  • Not intended for children under 3 years of age.

    Designed in France.

     This product meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the BSI (European Safety Standards).


    OMY Design & Play is a young French brand that designs playful products for kids.  Their designs invite kids to imagine, to become a part of the artwork, and to experiment and create with their giant coloring pages and unique paper costumes.  

    Their fun and colorful graphics become a part of your home, a piece of art hung on the wall, a reminder of your child a their amazing imagination.  Bright colors, quirky drawings, and charming characters form the essence of the collection and bring their own distinctive joy to any room of the house.  

    OMY Design & Play is an environmentally conscientious company and chooses its papers and inks with the environment in mind.

New York